Friday, September 26, 2014

REPOST: True in 1929, still true now


"It is difficult for men in high office to avoid the malady of self-delusion. They are always surrounded by worshippers. They are constantly, and for the most part sincerely, assured of their greatness."

"They live in an artificial atmosphere of adulation and exaltation which sooner or later impairs their judgement. They are in grave danger of becoming careless and arrogant."  

This accurate assessment of people in high office was written in 1929 by President Calvin Coolidge in his autobiography, The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge.  Coolidge was a lawyer, and he began his career in public office in 1906. 

 He'd been a politician long enough to know the truth, and he clearly expressed what life is like for D.C. politicians.
What was true in 1929 is still true now.  They needed term limits for U. S. Congressman and Senators then, and we need them now.

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