Friday, October 3, 2014

And We Wonder Why Our Economy STINKS!

Companies are penalized in the US just for being a business.  Companies are penalized when they leave the US. 

Business is in business to make money.  Not provide jobs - that's a benefit.  And definitely not to provide government coffers with money.  No wonder US is falling behind China and others. We use to be the strongest nation in the world. 

Thank you liberals.  Job well done.  But let's give this nasty credit to Republicans as well.  They shouldn't be left off.

And furthermore, it shouldn't cost this pharmaceutical 1/4 of a billion dollars to leave the US.  And they wouldn't be wanting to leave in the first place if Obamacare didn't exist and our tax policies were, and oh here's that word that flies out of the left's mouths...

Salix calls off $2.7B merger with Italian firm, citing US tax policy

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