Friday, October 10, 2014

Yes, Virginia, It's the Political Season!

Oh my Oh my...the wicked web gets weaved every election season.  Let me count the ways:

1) Teachers claim they have no books in the classroom because Thom Tillis wants me to buy a yacht! It's an out and out lie.  If that woman in Hagan's ads were my kids' teacher?  She wouldn't be for long.  Because you know if she'll get on national tv and say it, there's no telling what she is saying in the classroom.  Don't you think the parents would have been yelling by  now if this was true?  I'll take that yacht now, please.

2) Would someone please tell Kay Hagan she isn't running for NC Senate?  Why is that woman suddenly concerned about NC?  Her vote gave us Obamacare.  Obamacare has crippled our economy a heck of a lot more in it's short lifespan  than 4 years of Thom Tillis being NC House Speaker.  Good grief..with his leadership we have become #17 in the nation for business instead of #44 as we were under the Dems!

3) Sometimes the truth comes out...Your NC Senator did this.  Hmm cocktail and fundraisers or terrorists?  Hard choice for Kay...

Hagan Campaign Admits She Skipped Classified ISIS Briefing To Get Cocktails At NYC Fundraiser - See more at:
4) Oh No!  NOT AGAIN...Sign Ninjas strike again in Lee Co.  This time I heard it was someone on the right.  The moral of this story is leave the freaking signs alone.  I don't care which party it is.  And it wouldn't be right to not scold the right just like we do the left.  It hurts but geez ....boys and girls, come on! 
On my road alone are several that look as if they were just tossed around.  Some looked stomped on.  And where 7 Republican signs were on the left side of the road like the right, those 7 are now gone.  Up the road one of Brad Salmon's signs looks torn.  Several of Ellmers signs were stolen in the 2012 election season.  Every time I would put one out, it disappeared by morning.  I hated that in 2012.  I hate it now. Wrong is wrong.    So who's going to tattle and tell me who did it? 
5) Ahhh those darn fracking opponents...You would literally have to believe Mike Stone wants to kill you if you believe all the hype from the left.  If it's killing people, please explain why North Dakota, Colorado, and Texas are booming like crazy because of it?  Somebody has to work those jobs.  I'm surprised someone hasn't accused him of having ownership in the funeral home. Think about that for awhile.  Someone is probably trying to figure out how to do it as you read this.
Virginia...stay out of politics. 


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