Monday, October 6, 2014

Is being raped by a Republican worse than being raped by a Democrat, Unaffiliated, Etc?

It's disturbing to me that anyone feels the need to disclose the political affiliation of their rapist. Is it an attempt to make said political party seem more evil than other political parties?  

A rapist's political affiliation has as much to do with rape as sexual desire does. Rape is an act of violence and an act of control, and people in any political party (or no political party) can use violence as a means of controlling others.

I have friends who have been assaulted, and I'm sure their attackers didn't care what political party their victims did or didn't belong to.

Political affiliation had nothing to do with Lena Dunham's sexual assault either. Giving attention to that takes attention away from the real story - violence on college campuses. 

I warn you, though.  The article is graphic. 

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