Monday, May 4, 2015

You Decide..Can She?

I'm talking about America.  Can America survive the onslaught of ignorant citizens who have no clue what freedom is all about?  Can she weather the battering storm from within?  You decide ...can we do what is necessary to revive America?

 I found this excerpt from the National Center for Constitutional Studies website article:
Will The Great American Experiment Succeed?


What Is Necessary To Bring About Such Restoration?

As demonstrated above, restoration of the Founders' formula for preserving liberty is, indeed, possible through the mechanisms provided by their Constitution. But what must take place in order for such restoration to occur?
  • Prize and cherish Creator-endowed liberty above all (as did the Founders).
  • Study and develop understanding of the IDEAS and PRINCIPLES which, alone, lead to security and true liberty.
  • Study and develop understanding of the kind of deliberative, representative government (democratic republic) structured by the United States Constitution. Become familiar with its safeguards for liberty - so that they may recognize threats to their freedom under whatever disguise they may come.
  • Use their Constitutional knowledge and understanding to elect and support an ongoing majority in Congress and an Executive who are devoted to Constitutional principles and who will see that those appointed to the Judiciary are committed to preserving the integrity of the Constitution.
  • Exert their will and Constitutional privilege to recall elected officials who, once elected, support legislation which expands government power in violation of Con­stitutional principles.
  • Understand that the price of freedom is continual vigilance and accept personal responsibility for that vigilance.
  • See that the IDEAS and PRINCIPLES, as well as the passion for liberty, are passed on to future generations by requiring that they be taught in their local schools.

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