Monday, January 30, 2017

About Those Refugees ... What does the Bible Say?

For those that say Christians should automatically want the refugees, read the following article.

Compassion and stupidity do not go together. Satan lurks at all corners to trip anyone dumb enough to believe the media has America's best interests at heart.  Plenty Americans don't either.  Foreign leaders other than Israeli PM Netanyahu don't.  Germany's Merkel doesn't.  Heck she doesn't even have Germany's best interests at heart.  Canada doesn't.  Congressional Democrats prove they don't.  Democrat Senator Chuckle doesn't.  McCain isn't trustworthy either.

GASP!!  And Hollywood is not the expert at anything but criticism, hate, four letter words, shoot'em up movies (then lecture gun owners),  etc.  Ignoring our own citizens is just as sinful as sleeping with another man's wife.   Our citizens deserve safety, jobs, etc above all those refugees.  So don't preach to me as if you are holier than thou yet scoffer at our vets and homeless men and women.

Open the Bible.  More than once.  Learn something from the one who Created you.  Not the ones who created Batman, 007,  Luke Skywalker, Spock, the 70's show, etc.

From Hermain Cain's site:

What does the Bible really say about taking in Syrian refugees?

"Not what the left, the media and quite a few Christians would have you think.
It's always problematic when you look to the mainstream media and other left-wingers for an understanding of what Scripture says. To listen to them, you'd think Jesus was concerned with little more than sending checks to the poor, installing solar panels on roofs and surrendering to any and all foreign enemies.

That's why it's been easy for those who only crack a Bible when they're looking for something to justify an agenda to claim that "Christian compassion" demands we take in Syrian refugees without regard for the potential threat of ISIS terrorists who slip in among the crowd.

Is that what the Bible actually says? Of course not, and David French does a nice job of getting the conversation started over at National Review:
Indeed, Scripture draws a clear line between the responsibility of the individual and the role of the state. Individuals are to forswear vengeance, leaving justice to earthly rulers as God’s “agents of wrath” who bring “punishment on the wrongdoer.” The state has an affirmative responsibility to protect its citizens, even to the point of bringing a sense of “terror” to those “who do wrong.” There is no contradiction between personally welcoming the “strangers” among us while our leaders endeavor to protect us from a genocidal terrorist force that uses refugee status as a shield and disguise to perpetrate brutal attacks against innocent civilians.
This is not to say that Scripture creates a paradigm of compassionate individuals and heartless governments. Throughout the Bible, entire nations — not just individuals — are condemned for injustice, including unjust treatment of the poorest and most vulnerable members of society. But to say that the only way to meet that standard is to open our doors to migrants when we know our enemy intends to plant terrorists within their ranks is once again to read far too much into Scripture......."
Read the rest at the following link:


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Bette T said...

I open my bible daily. I would like to read up on this in my bible fir my understanding. Im curious about this. Which scriotures do you (not Herman Cain) reference for this blog?

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