Monday, March 21, 2011

What time is it?

Way Past Midnight…
"They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
-- Ben Franklin, 1759

Remember this:

On March 21, 2010, I stood on the grounds of the Capital along with 40,000+ Americans, praying something would intervene. Please God we need an earthquake. (I mean to say that.) Shake the halls of Congress to the core. Wake them up. Don’t they hear us?

We needed a miracle to stop the coming war on us. The war brought to you, via a careless, blank check spending spree, “we’ll give Obama anything he wants”, dictatorship leaning, Constitution stomping Congress.

The noise was almost unbearable. The unions had their people there. And we had ours. The difference between the two? Organized labor with all the same signs and ordinary citizens who didn’t need someone to tell them to get out of bed and come back: Your country’s future is at stake.

But Congress led by Nancy, and her boys, Reid, Bobby E. and the rest of the traitors, didn’t care. They were about to implode on the citizens. They were about to sock it to freedom. They were about to stomp all over the Founding Fathers, Declaration of Independence, and (I’ll say it again) the Constitution. They passed healthcare. They had been telling us 47 million, then 36 million, whatever number they could pull out of their hats), Americans were without healthcare.

So why, as I have seen it asked, do 300 million Americans have to be forced to buy healthcare because of so few? Just where does Congress get the authority to force you and me to purchase something because we’re Americans? No where.

The sad thing is some Americans bought the lie. Hook, line, and sinker. Done deal. Sign me up, they said!

The result of ignorance? They forced universal, socialist medicine, on the 300 million of us who live here because 36 million people were without. If that’s the true figure I’ll be surprised. You do the math. That is those of you who are not liberals. Liberals will look you square in the face and tell you 36 million = 300 billion and 2 + 2 =5.

We have sort of that same problem here in Lee County. Our school system leaders along with the media are sensationalizing the need for more money. Notice it’s always a need for more money. No matter what economic conditions exist: depression, recession, etc. They are always saying the children will be hurt.

They (our BOE and Superintendent) are banking on the citizens being stupid. Just like Nancy, Reid, Bobby and Barack did.

But we’re not. And we told you so in November. But you’re still not listening.
November 2012 is coming too.

So if you will, look back a year ago with me. Remember where you were.  I wrote the following column, 12:01 AM, (  when I had just arrived home from Washington.

Here's how it went:
12:01 AM
Folks, I’m sitting here … well, I’m sitting here.
The words come, but so do the tears. Our country is no longer the America the Founding Fathers gave us. I’m tired. I’m mad. I’m in a fighting mood.

My hubby and I left Saturday morning at 4 am and headed to DC. We had to get there. And in my heart, I had this yearning to get to the Capital steps. And I did. And then the yearning got stronger and stronger to get into the House Gallery. And I did. My purpose was to get there and pray. Pray for this country. Pray for a revolution. Pray that the House would come to their senses, search their hearts, and not pass the atrocious “healthcare reform” bill.

I don’t understand it. I don’t understand the hate for my country the liberals have. I don’t understand the protestors screaming “Give us healthcare NOW” or carrying signs (they all carried the same sign) “Catholics for Healthcare reform”. I don’t understand why people in this country think they have a right to everything.....Finish reading at this page on my blog:

Remember, never forget, just how far reaching our government is ‘already’ in our lives.

But now, it’s not just 12:01 am. It’s Way Past Midnight!
And we’re taking this country back, one elected seat at a time.
That’s a warning to local leaders too.

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