Monday, August 6, 2012

Disenfranchising Joplin

Sit down folks.  If there ever was a need for  a VOTER INTEGRITY project and honorable people to step up and help the rest of us fight the cause, this one is it.  I am sick of my vote being disenfranchised.  And every time I hear someone on the left scream about it,  well basically what they are doing is trying to neutralize me.  My vote should count too!

This is more than disgusting...The title doesn't do justice for  the enormous problem we are facing in this election ....

10,000 Voter Registration Cards Returned in Joplin, Missouri

 The Joplin tornado on May 22, 2011 killed 158 people in southeast Missouri.

JOPLIN TORNADO – Residents of Joplin, Mo, walk west on 26th Street near Maiden Lane after a tornado hit the southwest Missouri city on Sunday evening, May 22, 2011. The tornado tore a path a mile wide and four miles long destroying homes and businesses.(AP/Mike Gullett)

10,000 voter registration cards were returned in Joplin, Missouri recently. The Republican stronghold was ripped apart by a massive tornado last year.

The Joplin Globe reported:
Registration cards for more than 10 percent of Jasper County’s approximately 80,000 voters have been returned by the post office, County Clerk Bonnie Earl said Monday.

New cards, which must be sent to voters each two years, were mailed out earlier in July. But about 10,000 cards have been sent back because the addresses on them were no longer valid. That’s going to pose a problem for voters — and election officials — at the Aug. 7 primary election, said the clerk.

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Anonymous said...

so 10k in mizzu is a problem but 1 million in penn or fla is OK? funny when the shoe is on the other foot just how up in arms you get. i haven't seen one comment from you regarding the purging of voter roles in pa, fla or anywhere else. the truth is you posted video on this website from the rapist alleging voter fraud in nc, i pointed out the fact that it was a lie yet you have a link to this hack and his training on the site last week. this is wrong for the citizens of joplin just as it would be anywhere in the country. we should encourage more to vote not make it harder for those that desire to. try being consistent! "A"

Sheila Barber said...

So we can prove 10,000 in Joplin. "Return to Sender". Duh.

Prove your one million number. In Florida they are cleaning up the voter roles...and finding plenty of people dead on them.

What rapist? OMG tell me who the RAPIST was. Are you saying James O'Keefe? Who?

People should be REQUIRED to show an ID. What in the world are you afraid of...we will find out who really cheats in America?

I can't wait..who is the rapist?

Anonymous said...

quit trying to protect the pervert o'keefe. as for his videos i quickly pointed out the lies yet you continue to link to this fraudster, stop validating this future convict on this or any site. i have no patience for rapist or child molesters and neither should you. "A"

Anonymous said...

your candidate is in deep trouble, america is discovering this tax cheating liar who paid no taxes for 10 years has no plan aside from enacting tax laws that will benefit only those with swiss accounts and they won't be buying what he's selling.

Sheila said...

My candidate is not in trouble.

I would beg to say YOU ARE IN TROUBLE if Harry Reid is who you quote! Wait I mean Debbie Big Mouth. It doesn't matter.

I love this stuff. I don't have to say anything and the lunatics come out.

Sheila said...

By the way, I don't care what Romney does with HIS MONEY.

I care what Obama is doing with MY MONEY!

Sheila Barber said...

No need to answer who they are. Found this that tells me...liberals commit fraud everyday and scream the loudest when its called out.

Unanimous said...

"A" Back up your claim! Show us the records of the President's days at Occidental, Harvard and his syllabi from his professorial days in Illinois! Please show us he didn't have marxist mentors as he claims he did in his book! YES, we want the proof that BHO is not a fraud!

Dale Marks said...

Romney paid more in taxes in one year than you, or half the people of this country pay in ten lifetimes.


DARN IT! Donald Trump reads the Fresh Brewed! He has challenged the OBAMANATOR to open his sealed college records in trade for Romney's IRS filings!

Well "A" where you be?????? Stumped again. . . let's find another lie to make as the lead . . .

I hear there is a story how Romney killed some woman. . . Perhaps we can get real information on how many people died at the hands of the OBAMANATOR's justice department's own FAST AND FURIOUS gun running for Mexican Drug lords!

Anonymous said...

your equating college transcripts with federal tax returns shows the depth of your naivete' regarding both subjects.
please continue to trot mr trump out, anyone with an ounce of awareness knows the only thing he's been successful at is recieving government bailouts, he's nothing more than a serial bankrupter that's left a laundry list of creditors holding the bag.
and regarding the poor woman, you better check with the romney people as they insist had she lived in massachusetts insurance would have been available. hell she even invited families to move to a state that mandates individual coverage.
please read up on fast & furious and other subjects regarding modern politics, you need to step up your game if you choose to engage with me. i am more than happy to exchange opinion however your facts don't support your position, it makes you look like a simpleton at best or an idiot at worst. "A"

Sheila Barber said...

So "A" Where are your facts?

As for a "bankrupter", Obama has bankrupted America of its core values - of individualism and promotes collectivism - that my friend is marxism. He runs around Congress. If he doesn't like something, so what!! He's going to do something about it regardless of the checks and balances built into our history and CONSTITUTION. He thwarts the oath he took to be President. He coddles murdering agents and you have the nerve to talk about Romney.

Oh Romney didn't kill that guys' wife but your President gave the authority to Fast and Furious which DID RESULT in deaths! And he protects an AG who is as despicable and lies like PBO.

And he spends YOUR MONEY and MINE like it actually is his.

Your accusations are purely leftist and socialist in nature.

You really think you're that "in the know"? Then it's time you start defending YOUR PRESIDENT and quit bashing the candidate I want as President.

Put your money where your mouth is. Tell us the "improvements" since he took office. Defend the higher and consistently higher unemployment rate he has been "in charge of". Not Bush bashing. Just the facts A. Defend every policy, every bailout of unions, every "no drill baby no drill" but Brazil can get our money to do such, defend every vacation on our dime and his utter contempt for American citizen rights - as in MY RIGHTS!

Defend every one A. If you want the status quo, vote him in office. If you want high unemployment, the black youth at about 50% to stay so, (women unemployed are higher too), etc etc etc you got your man.

Until you can defend every one as being GOOD for America I suggest you stop trying to pretend you are the know it all.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander!

Anonymous said...

that's your biggest problem, you can't see "your" candidate and the current president agree on almost all the issues. mr romney has such distaste for tea party types, and if elected will simply revert to what he has always been. you will be like the prom date standing on the doorstep waiting for a suitor that will never arrive, disappointed and longing for that which only exist in your mind.
as for mr trump, simply look up the number of bankruptcy filings with the federal and state governments as its public iniformation.
if you read my post i didn't "bash" your candidate, i simply pointed out what his campaign spokesperson said on Fox News yesterday. look it up if you don't believe me, check out what eric ericissan & ann coulter had to say; thier heads nearly exploded!!
regarding "bailouts" have you forgotten that fateful friday when your favorite stood before us and indicated if we didn't give 750billion to wall street the country was doomed? check the facts and see who made that speech. how much did mr romney recieve from that bailout? he may not have gotten in on that as his money was safely hidden in european & island banks....."A"

Sheila said...

Put your money where your mouth is:

Prove your candidate.


"A" the college records will validate the FRAUD that is Barry Soetero, aka - Barack Hussein Obama, aka- communist and muslim sympathizer, aka - dictator of the people, now that he has full control of your health care.. Hope you are not elderly or have elderly relatives. . . their lives just got a lot shorter!

Fast and Furious was an attempt to instigate "gun control" by working "under the radar". . . he told that pathetic little woman Sarah Brady, who wishes to arm criminals and disarm law abiding citizens. .

Stupid liberals actually think George W. Bush brought down the housing industry and gave us the malaise we have today. . . The Community Reinvestment Act that started under Carter (Demoncrat/Marxist Congress), ingnored by Reagan and Bush (Democrat Congress and Republican Senate), and instituted under Clinton with the incompetant AG Janet Reno. . . using her position to intimidate banks into making poor loan choices.. . .

W actually pointed out the potential problem in 2005-6. . Needless to say the Marxist Maxine (my bank dealing) Waters, Barney (happy) Frank, Chris (I got great land deal) Dodd all screamed and the media demonized Bush into backing-off.

Lets see gasoline the day Barak Hussein Obama took over average about $1.80 a gallon. Today it is twice as much. . . care to know what the real inflation rate is? Yeah, OBAMA loves misery as all revolutionaries thrive on economic chaos and the "dumb-asses" will flock to their great savior BHO! Smell the stink?

Wouldn't want to avoid a good "crisis" and let it go to waste!

"A" may wish to check out the current staff of White House hypocrites who have overseas investments. . . darn those facts are scary!

Again, "A", why are you protecting the FRAUD in the White House? Do you have Marxist tendancies? Are you a muslim? Are you a mental patient?


Mr. Carnival, excuse me Mr. Carney, White House Propaganda minister states:

"You know, [releasing private information isn't] every candidate's favorite part of the process, but it's a tradition that's important. It's valuable to the American people as they decide who should be president."

So "A" what ya got to say?

Mark Alexander makes the point clearly:

"I want to see records regarding his repatriation when he returned from Indonesia; name change from Barry Sotero to Barack Hussein Obama; Punahou School, Occidental College and Columbia University (all three of which could show he illegally applied for aid as a foreign student, among other things); Columbia senior thesis; Harvard Law School; years in the Illinois State Senate; membership in the Illinois State Bar Association; medical; and, finally, his passport and visa records."

"A" this is a great article not played by the leftist media aka Democrat Mouth Piece! You may if you dare read:

Anonymous said...

You're both an idiot as well as delusional, I'll bet you think the birth certificate is fake as well don't you? What wingnut conspiracy don't you believe? Quit stalking me unless you come back to reality. "A"

Sheila said...

"A" you still haven't put your money where your MOUTH is.

Prove your candidate is better.

For once, why CAN'T, it's not why don't, but why CAN'T the left defend the Prez on substance?

Oh he doesn't have any!


"A" So BHO and Carney are idiots. . . darn toot'in!

Don't forget the AG who made a political show at the Sihkh wake in Wisconsin. . . Seems the media left out his FAST AND FURIOUS gun running and murder scheme. . . Ah, the national press motto is - no propaganda to slight for the "dumb-masses!" Neal Boortz favorite line and "A" is right in the middle of them! Figuratively speaking that is.

Now "A" please tell us why BHO has spent millions keeping his records sealed? Please tell us? Could it be as many speculate that he was an Affirmative Action Foreign Student? Or was he a flunkie that was promoted? Or was he a FRAUD?

Somehow a president who promised (demoncrat party promises are always lies) "an open and transparent administration," sure does like hiding behiding "executive privilege" and millions of dollars of legal fees keeping the records sealed for public display. . AND YET THIS GUY AND HIS MARXIST PARTY want Romney's tax returns?!

Clearly "A" is truly ill. . .

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