Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Grassroots Effort Everyone Can Get Behind

I am in full support of voter ID laws in North Carolina, and across the entire country, for that matter.  If people have to show ID to get medical care or buy Sudafed, surely they can show ID to vote.  Now that Gov. McCrory has signed the voter ID laws into effect in NC, it's time for eligible voters to get proper ID if they don't already have it.

Although I don't agree with Sen. Ellie Kinnaird's political viewpoint, I support her new effort 'to make sure that we get as many people prepared to vote, registered to vote, and informed, so that they can actually have a vote that counts.'   According to the article linked below, Kinnaird will 'work with churches and community groups to reach out to people who might lack the required ID.'  Hooray!  That is exactly what needs to be done!  

The changes don't go into effect until 2016.  Those without ID who want to vote can get proper ID between now and then.  If community groups, churches and the DMV work together, there is plenty of time to get this job done.

Go here for the full article:

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