Monday, August 26, 2013

Whipping Boy...Chet Mann!

Hello Friends.  I know, I've been silent for awhile.  It's been a very unsettling summer for us. But I'm back.

And what better way to come back but to say a hearty big THANK YOU to the Sanford Herald.  Yes my friends, the Sanford Herald, with their endorsement of  Chet Mann and his incredible LEEDership, inadvertently gave this blog free advertising!  Not directly but if you are familiar with the politics around know...

Sunday's Sanford Herald Editorial:

"Will he succeed on the council? We think he can and he will. He’ll have his work cut out for him: his leadership in the LEED-PAC has already made him a whipping boy for a segment of the Lee County blogosphere, but Mann is man enough to fight relevant battles and to get out in front of ideas and work on them, instead of just reacting. He says he wants to “close the deal,” and we think his strengths and determination will compel more dialogue and progress in Sanford - and making us more well-centered by virtue of the process."
It sure wasn't Mr. Clark's blog that whipped up on Chet.  It was this one.  And I will send you back down memory lane shortly.  

Mr. Mann thinks highly of himself.  He is a part of the group that attempted to destroy a sitting commissioner and his family.  He had no guts at that time to stop the attacks.  So his attack dog style is a trait we all should remember.  He held secret meetings at the Flame with the likes of being Mr. Keith Clark who is running as a Republican (JOKE JOKE JOKE).  Keith wouldn't dare go against any of Chet's demands.  The plan was to destroy the opposition by destroying the individual.  He helped to pay for atrocious ads against the commissioner who wasn't even running.  (see ad below) And this man says he is a leader?  Heck no.  Leaders don't destroy.  Leaders bring out the best in all.   

Anyway...back to the whipping the boy who wants to be our mayor.  Will he better than Cornelia?  Let's see if Chet Mann has the BALLS, yep I said that, to be who he should be and represent ALL of us.  Not just his LEED pac boys and girls.  I have my doubts.   Hmmm wonder if he will  block my email address like Sam does?   Can't wait to go before the council and challenge him to provide real LEADERSHIP and not LEEDership!  

Anyway, let's take a trip down memory lane to see how Chet has handled things "out of power".

Let's start with an introduction:

Question:  After reading, is this the man you want to lead your city?

One who uses this (see left) as a tool to destroy others.. Shshhhhh...Money talks.  Ask the Herald.  Wonder how much they made on those ads?  

We will go down memory lane several more times this week. Warning though:  Be careful what you wish for, Sanford.  We have more than enough share of wolves in sheep's clothing.

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