Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Voter ID Lies

I just saw this ad on the web:

I have had enough of the voter suppression lies. If your vote is being "suppressed", prove it. I didn't say tell the Democrat party to prove it.  They can't anyway. They just lie.  No YOU prove that you will be hurt if you have to show an ID.  

Just get up off  your tushy, stop whining, get out, vote and prove it!  You don't need a Democrat to hold your hand and show you how.  And furthermore,  if you don't like showing an ID, stay home.  You have to show an ID to get a check cashed.  You have to show one  to write a check at Walmart,  when you go to the doctor, go to DMV.  Heck!  You have to show one to attend a Democrat fundraiser!  So why not to vote?

I'll tell you why:  The left is filling the low info voters heads with nonsense. And if they can make them believe this crap, they can keep their voters poor, barefoot, and hungry.

You can bet on this:  If you are not maimed, hurt, or dead after showing an ID at any other place besides the polls, I'm pretty sure you'll be ok after showing an ID to the little ladies who will be checking voters' credentials at the next election.  

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