Tuesday, August 27, 2013

NC's Superintendent Salaries

School's in session!  That means Fall's around the corner.  Football Saturdays and leaves changing.

It also means we will hear such phrases as:  "It's for the children!"; "The Republicans hate the children!"; "Them poor teachers are forced to work without a raise." ; "Those nasty Raleigh Republicans cut education.";  "Buses won't have tires, gas"; "Children and teachers will starve!"...yada, yada, yada.

I could show you comments from The Sanford Herald's Facebook page and you would know I am not far from the truth.  Not once have I seen anyone fuss about the Super's salary.  Dr. Bryan has to be better than Moss.  But seriously, teachers and whiners, if you are going to complain about Raleigh when they increased, not decreased, education spending, you owe it to yourself and others to be "educated" enough on where the dollars are really spent.

It's worthy noting that the legislature sets the base pay for teachers.  However it is the local board of education that sets the base pay for superintendents, administrators and other personnel.  (See the document on salaries across NC).  It is also the local BOEs that can pay their teachers more.  So all the rhetoric is bull.  And coming from those who say they are the smartest among us.  Mind boggling!

That's because the real purse strings are in the hands of Lynn, Linda, John, Tamara, Cameron, Wendy and Mark - Lee Co Board of Education members!  See, I told you so.

And I was given a document that shows the Superintendent salaries across NC.  It originated from the legislature admin.  Note that the State Superintendent's base salary is about $70,000 less than Lee County's Dr. Andy Bryan's base salary. I am not kidding! 

Anyway, Dr. Bryan is paid quite handsomely.  His base salary is $196,240 plus perks.  The numbers in the document don't include healthcare, pensions, etc.  Goodness! Now doesn't our State Superintendent June Atkinson have more kids to worry about than the 10,000 or so that Dr. Bryan has in Lee County?  You bet'cha.  Something is wrong with that picture.  

Oh my.  No wonder our teachers are buying their own classroom supplies.  But check it out for yourself:

Superintendent Salaries - Across NC 

You may be interested in WRAL's  article about superintendent's salaries too.  

NC superintendents' contracts packed with perks

Bottom line is stop blaming Raleigh and get off your butts and complain to the school board.  We got rid of the bully, right? What are the teachers and TAs afraid of now?

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